About June Dally-Watkins
June Dally-Watkins opened Australia's first school of personal and professional development. Established in 1950, JDW has invested over 64 successful years in ladies and gentlemen of Australia, China, India, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. Our mission is unlocking their potential to ‘Be the Best they Can Be’ and gain the confidence required to succeed in today's world.

We offer personal and professional development programmes  for various ages.  Our trainers can come to your workplace or school to deliver training programmes created to suit your requirements.

June Dally-Watkins' Holiday Programmes are held at the end of each school term. We love these programmes as they are fun and inspiring. Each course helps to build confidence, teaches the value of good manners and the importance of self-worth and happiness.

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The Business Finishing College is the fulfilment and the extension of the Personal Development School I opened in 1950.
I have always been keenly interested in the development and motivation of young people - to help them reach their full potential, to be the best they can be, in every way.
I was so concerned about the attitude and lack of substantial training and presentation of young people

I opened the first Business Finishing College with the new concepts.
To succeed in life I felt it was absolutely necessary to be well trained in all aspects of business and in addition to have a good work ethic, to dress well and have good manners.
Employers wait for our students.
Parents who want the very best for their sons and daughters send them to us feeling confident the high principles they believe in themselves will be reaffirmed and encouraged.
- June Dally-Watkins O.A.M.

Miss Dally's book 'Still Smiling' is available for purchase at our Sydney and Brisbane offices for $30 + $10 postage.

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